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All has been quiet on the War of Kings’ front since the announcement last month in San Diego, but hopefully there will be some news soon.

IGN talked to Marvel editor Tom Brevoort about Secret Invasion, and how it is connected to War of Kings:

IGN Comics: We get a lot of questions about this, so we thought we’d ask since details are a little scarce at the moment. Is War of Kings a direct follow-up to Secret Invasion or is it only related in that the Skrulls’ obsession with Earth further alters the balance of galactic power?

Brevoort: It’s a direct follow-up, although the more complete answer is that it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. War of Kings springboard directly out of Secret Invasion, and there’ll be a Secret Invasion: War of Kings special in January that’ll show you just how that happens. But once War of Kings proper starts, it’ll be its own thing.

So, it looks like Secret Invasion: War of Kings might kick the event off in January with the first of the War of Kings mini-series starting in February?

Marvel still has not announced the line-up for War of Kings, which is expected to start in December or January. Marvel November solicitations came out today, and included Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4, which serves as a lead-in to War of Kings, but no direct tie-ins.

Marvel will have an X-Panel at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto on Friday evening, and Cup o’ CB panel on Saturday afternoon, so an announcement could be coming then.

On a completely different tangent, Rachel was mentioned in last week’s Comic Urban Legends. Brian Cronin blogs about the uncanny number of eerie coincidences in John Byrne’s projects and his propensity for foretelling tragic future events. Rachel’s flashback to her future in Uncanny X-Men 189, showing the destruction of the World Trade Center (which looks horribly similar to 9/11) was referenced. (Although, not written by Byrne, DoFP was co-created by him).

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